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Arab women's beauty secrets

According to research completed by Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland, Arab women have the healthiest, youngest looking skin in the world. This may come as a surprise to many people, but there are some clear reasons for this finding. 


Why do Arab women have healthy skin? 
Due to tradition, Arab women understand the power of the sun. Being tanned is not a concern - not even a desire for them and they use common sense tricks to avoid the sun. They stay indoors when the sun is at its peak - just as our grandmothers used do it.

No tanning. Tanning - as dangerous as sunbathing - is also not common in the Arab world.
Cover up. While many women cover their faces for religious or cultural reasons, others who do not do so, still use parasols or scarves to protect their skin. Since most women dress modestly, most of their body parts can stay covered. 

Quality in skin care
Women in the Arab world are very discerning customers when it comes to selecting their cosmetics. They buy products based on what they contain and brand. They think that this ensures quality.

Yes to plastic surgery and high tech beauty
Arab women are concerned about their appearance, and they do not oppose plastic surgery. They still have anti-aging treatments and procedures like Botox, laser, and dermal fillers like Restylane, Scupltra, and Radiesse.

Other factors
The research does not indicate it but in the Arab world food tends to be fresh and more natural than in the West. The Arab culture does not encourage women working outside home and many of them have domestic help reducing their stress levels. As an Arab woman guest told Oprah once, Arab women do not rush through life, they have a lot friends and try to enjoy every meal slowly. Last but not least, they have strong skin not prone to developing fine lines. 

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