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Tips to apply makeup from the book 5 minutes face




Makeup can make us look and feel good, but it is intimidating for some women to put it. With these tips your makeup routine will be easier.
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Carmindy is the beautiful makeup artist on the popular TV program “What not to wear.” In her new book “5 Minute face,” Carmindy shows us how to apply makeup and gives some very useful professional tips. From the book, these are some of the tips that I like:

1- Makeup starts with the skin itself. It is very important to take care of your skin. 

2- Before applying makeup, start with a clean face.

3- Brows. Keep your eyebrows in good shape. One tip offered in the book is: if you are going to take pictures or have a special occasion put a little bit of shimmery eye shadow in the same shade as your brows (to your brows). It makes your eyes sparkle.

4- Foundation. Choose the right foundation for your skin color and type. Preferably use non-latex sponges; they do not absorb foundation, so you will not waste product. 

5- Most of us, according to Carmindy, do not need a face full of foundation and we can apply it only where it is needed the most. For this, you need a perfectly matched color. 

6- If you look tired, mix a little bit of shimmer into a few drops of foundation to get a glowing face.

7- Body. For body glow, Carmindy informs that she mixes body lotion with a squeeze of liquid or creamy shimmer (a luminizer), mixes them well and she is ready to apply. You can also buy a product such as Hollywood’s favorite Nars Body Glow ($59.00 in Sephora).

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