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Beauty Injections 6: Almost permanent dermal fillers

Fat transfer
This sounds great. Get the extra fat from the butt or tummy and put it in the face, hands or neck, wherever it is needed. It has been used for long time and since it is your own fat, the body does not reject it. 
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Fat transfer has two downsides:

The doctor has to extract the fat from another part of the body first, usually through liposuction.

There are a few types of liposuction procedures to extract the fat cells. Then the doctor can transfer the fat to other parts of the body.   

The other disadvantage of fat transfer is that the body reabsorbs some of the fat and it is difficult for the doctor to estimate how much fat will be reabsorbed, and therefore, the final volume. The doctor will put more fat than needed, and in the beginning, you will have more volume than desired. Because of this, the doctor may need to repeat the procedure to add more fat. The fat is extracted only once and the doctor preserves extra fat for this purpose or for further use in your body.  
Silicone fillers
In the USA the FDA has not approved these fillers yet but they are still used by many doctors. The effects are permanent and its cost is lower than any other filler.

The downside is that the filling can move to other areas in the face. It can also form bumps. It is difficult to correct if there are mistakes and the body can reject it. 

There are many types of silicon fillers and none of them is FDA approved for use in aesthetic treatments at this time.  Continues: Sculptra
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Almost permanent dermal fillers
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