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Beauty: Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery  



Fill in wrinkles and folds: dermal fillers
Peels Light peels TCA peels  Deep chemical peels
Temporary dermal fillers
Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for ethnic women (black, Spanish and Asian women) or women with darker skin tones
Almost permanent dermal fillers
Quick facts about injectables

What is Liposuction?
Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the USA. Read more about Liposuction

What is Breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation is a surgery in which implants are put under or over the pectoral muscle to enlarge a woman's breast size. Read more on Breast augmentation plastic surgery

Butt Augmentation.  Implants and Fat transfer
Butt Lift.  Latin lift or Brazilean lift

Breast Lift or Mastopexy?
Breast lift or Mastopexy is a surgical procedure to lift the breasts. When we say lift the breasts, we mean that the doctor will cut extra skin to make the breast look perkier, firmer, and in its place. Read more on Breast lift plastic surgery

Lasers treatments
It sounds so high-tech and science fiction like, but lasers offer so many alternatives to improving our appearance. There are many types of lasers used to improve the skin. Read more on laser treatments.

What is an acupuncture facelift?
It is the use of the traditional Chinese medicinal technique, acupuncture, on the face to turn back the clock or at least make your face look better. It is said that many Hollywood stars get this beauty treatment and among them is Madonna. Read more on Acupuncture facelift 

Brachioplasty and voice lift
Brachioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure, also called arm lift. Voice lift been practiced for a while, but not many people are aware of it. It consists of lifting of the vocal cords. The surgery gives a clearer, younger-sounding voice. Read more on arm lift and voice lift

Hand lift
Also called hand rejuvenation or fat grafting in the hands. The hands show our age more than our faces. Now we have a plastic surgery procedure called hand lift to correct aged hands. Read more on hand lift

Luscious lips
Temporary lip fillers
Permanent lip fillers and implants 


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