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Beauty: Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation Surgery 7: having surgery outside the USA

The main attraction to have surgery in other countries is cost. In rare cases, mostly celebrities, to have plastic surgery in a foreign nation means more privacy and in a few more cases some people go to other countries to have procedure done that are not available in the USA. Continue below



But by large cost is the most important consideration for USA citizens looking to have plastic surgery in other outside the United States.

Cost of plastic surgery in Spain and in Latin America
In the regular clinics in Spain and clinics catering to Americans in Latin America, the cost of surgeries, including breast augmentation, is about half to one third of that in the USA. Sometimes, the cost also includes hotel stays and meals. They also offer packages for multiple procedures, and believe it or not, even spa services or recreation.

Usually the cost advantages are not worthwhile unless you are going to visit that country for other reason or you are going to have multiple procedures at the same time. This is because the air ticket may be as high as the cost savings. So you must do your Math prior to deciding where you want to have the surgery.

Risks of having surgery outside the USA

Dr. Michael Bruck of the Juva Medical Spa in New York City recommends having the surgery closer to home. If some thing goes wrong, you can always return to the doctor. 

The laws protecting the patients and the high standards of patient care in the USA are not always there in other countries. However, there are crooks everywhere, including the US. Wherever you have the surgery, you have to make sure the doctor has experience and accreditations.

According to Dr. Bruck, he has seen many good surgeries from Latin America and he does not think the incidence of bad surgeries is much higher than that in the USA.

It is more difficult to find information on doctor's accreditations outside the US. In countries with high number of surgeries, such as Brazil and Mexico, it is easier to find more information. Also some American doctors are conducting surgeries outside the US because many procedures already available in Europe are not yet legal in the US. This is the case for silicone implants.

Although Brazil, Mexico and Thailand attract many Americans for plastic surgery, Canada is also a country to consider. Spain and other European Union countries are also good destinations since laws are strict and enforced.

If you decide to have surgery outside the US, you should not go alone. If possible you must go with friend(s) or a family member(s). 

Be careful thinking that you will have a vacation while having plastic surgery. Most procedures have down time and you will be in pain and be swollen. It will take weeks to go back to a state where you can go back to regular activities and it may take months to fully recover from surgery.

Most people who had plastic surgery overseas have had generally satisfactory experiences. It is common to see groups of American women in Brazil traveling together to have surgery. If you do your research most probably you will be fine, but by no means go to a doctor in the USA or in other country that you do not know anything about. Also take a look at the facilities and if you do not see the quality of cleanliness that you are used to in the US, be suspicious.   

Difference between breast augmentation in the US and other countries
Silicone implants are legal outside the USA for all breast augmentation surgeries. Most doctors think that these implants are more natural looking than saline implants. This is by far the biggest difference.

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