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Beauty: Plastic Surgery

Acupuncture facelift

One of the treatments gaining popularity in recent times is acupuncture facelift. It has the promise to bring back youth to your face without undergoing the pain and risks of the traditional plastic surgery facelift.  



What is an acupuncture facelift?
It is the use of the traditional Chinese medicinal technique, acupuncture, on the face to turn back the clock or at least make your face look better. It is said that many Hollywood stars get this beauty treatment and among them is Madonna. 

Even among acupuncturists there is a great variety of opinions on what acupuncture can do for your face and the effectiveness of the acupuncture facelift. The length of the treatment and general approach also varies.   

The face has many muscles. With the acupuncture needles, the acupuncturist relaxes those muscles and stimulates them. The result is higher production of collagen and more tone in the face. 

In acupuncture, the main belief is that blockages of chi energy in the body can cause illnesses or imbalances. The application of acupuncture needles can help free the body of those blockages and let the chi energy flow freely bringing health and wellness back. 

Although many regular doctors question the technique, recent studies have proven that acupuncture can help to relive arthritis pain and arthritis in general. There are not enough studies to either prove that acupuncture works or not. 

What can acupuncture facelift do for you?
According to the acupuncturists the facelift can:

Increase collagen and elasticity on the skin
Tighten the skin on the face
Improve muscle tone 
Hydrate the skin 
Drain lymph and edema, in other words, it helps to eliminate toxins. 

Because of the previous description it can help you improve:
Wrinkles and fine lines including Crow's feet, laugh lines, necklines, and stress and frown lines 
Bags under eyes and droopy eyelids 
Puffiness, sagging and poor skin tone 

  How does acupuncture facelift work?
There is no one standard treatment. It is still evolving, therefore, every acupuncturist has his/her own style. Normally it follows the regular acupuncture treatment standards. The acupuncturist analyzes your general health, eating, sleeping and fitness habits and assesses stress level. Then the acupuncturist develops a special treatment for each person.

The key to the treatment is the application of the acupuncture needles on the face. Some acupuncturists also recommend intake of Chinese herbs. 

  The treatment
To see results the patient needs to have a series of treatments. Again the length of the treatment varies depending on the acupuncturist and the patient's condition. It can vary from 6 to 25 treatments. More the wrinkles, more the treatments required. Some patients have reported that they saw results after the first treatment. 

The treatments are required every week in the beginning, and after a few months, every other week. The cost varies by location. In Florida it is about $70 per treatment and in Boston it costs $100 and up for treatment. 

The results last for years and the treatment can be repeated as you need to. They are, according to many patients, very relaxing. 

  Does acupuncture facelift hurt?
There is a little discomfort when the needles are pushed in the skin, but it is neither painful nor does it require any down time. It does not cause scars, bruises or irritation. You can go back to your normal life right after the treatment. 

  Should I try acupuncture facelift?
Realistically speaking, acupuncture cannot cut extra skin nor change the shape of your nose, but it can potentially help to improve muscle tone and increase the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what gives the skin its radiance, and youthful and healthy look. 




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