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Working out
What type of exercise is better for you?




Pilates, budokon, yoga, kickboxing?
What type of exercise is better for you? The following list will give you an idea of some of the most popular forms of exercise at this time.

Pilates: It was created by Joseph Pilates to help dancers after injury. It is a mild form of exercise that is good to tone and firm up. It emphasizes the muscles in the torso, what they call as the core, the powerhouse.


There are a few types of this popular workout. Pilates originally used special machines that are still available in a Pilates studio or some gyms. It is a one to one technique (one trainer, one client) which makes it quite expensive.  

The other alternative is mat Pilates or stand up Pilates without the machines. These classes can be found in studios or gyms. There are also videos. Needless to say, this is a lot cheaper and probably it gives you most of the benefits of the original form. This is not an aerobic workout. If you want to lose weight, you need to do it in addition to something else more targeted for losing weight.          


Kick boxing 
This is a high gear workout, full of energy and movement. It burns tons of calories per hour. It can be intimidating in the beginning but it can also be fun. If you feel that you need to build up stamina in the beginning try this form later. 

Boot camps 
Military style boot camps that are. Very energetic and they can be very demanding. They are fun and can be adjusted to any fitness level. They are a combination workout with both aerobic and strength training. 

Dance based workouts
They are fun and are great if you want a lighter workout. Most of them are only aerobic; others have some muscle building exercises. Depending on your style you can pick ballet, salsa, Afro music, belly dance, etc. If you like to lose weight, we suggest you also do a weight-training workout.  
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