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Fun ways to exercise during winter




It might seem that during the cold winter months all you want to do is to stay in one place and keep warm not doing much. Lack of activity and exercise, however, can play havoc with your body. If you do not reduce your calorie intake you will not only gain weight, you will also become physically unfit.

So there are many things that you can do during cold winter months that are not only a great way to burn some calories but to also have fun: 


Ski. Either hit the slopes or do cross country skiing. You can practice cross-country skiing in most national or state parks for free during the winter months. 


Skate. It is not only for kids. You will burn calories and have a good time and it is never too late to learn if you have not done it yet.

Go wall climbing. Interior wall climbing is in fashion these days. It is an intensive and demanding workout that you can do without being outdoors. 

Dance. Dancing is relaxing and fun. Take a class or go to a club. Some clubs even offer classes for beginners. Pick the dance you like, put on your dress and shoes and you are ready to go.

Snow walking. It is fun, safe, and demanding. You will also burn a lot of calories. Just protect yourself from the cold and the wind and take care of your skin before leaving home.

Try a new drill, for example, gymnastics, acrobatics, etc.

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