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A home gym

Some times when we talk about home gyms, we think of expensive and bulky equipment. Of course, that is one option, but not the only option and not always the best option. Continues below  


Exercise machines are great for certain functions and somehow they can be easier for people new to exercise, but they are not the only option. Let’s see some other options:

Every exercise routine should include cardiovascular exercise, stretching and weight training or some form of toning exercise. 

Cardiovascular gym equipment
To get your heart pumping, you can run, walk fast, dance, do a video or use a treadmill, a stationary bicycle, a rowing machine, or choose from many others. The advantage of having this type of equipment at home is that if the weather is bad you can do the workout right at home. Plus, you don't have to pay monthly gym fees.

If you only want one piece of equipment, perhaps, a machine to do your cardio is the best option. 

Gym for low budget and limited space
A jumping rope can be the easiest and cheapest cardio equipment you can have. And of course, you can also use an imaginary jumping rope and that is free. Another option is step aerobics if you can get a plastic step bench. Depending on the side of the bench it can double as an exercise bench. 

A bench or a mat?
A basic gym should include an exercise bench and weights to do your weight training. If you cannot have a bench, you may do some exercises on the floor on a mat. The mat has to be thicker than the typical yoga mats. 

Free weights are ideal, because they are so small and easy to store. For most exercises, a woman can use from 5 to 15 pounds. With weights you can do all the exercises you need to have a toned body and most of the exercises that require equipment. You need to learn how to use them. 

Home gym for a larger budget click to continue to larger home gym 

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