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7 Ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays--




Christmas and New Year holidays are no time to diet with all the good food around, the holidays spirit in the air, and parties with friends and family. They are a time of indulgence and eating delicious goodies. 

Until recently it was believed that an average American puts on anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year. Good news: That is not true, according to a more reliable study. Americans only put on a little more than a pound during this period. But that doesn't mean you should go crazy with eating bad food.


The problem is that most people retain that pound for the rest of their lives. So do the Math. In 30 years the average person will gain 30 pounds just during the holiday season. While most people resolve to go on a diet in January, the sad news is that most people do not keep this resolution and do not lose the gained pounds, according to studies. The conclusion is that it is better to prevent putting on that extra pound each year than diet. Here is how you do it:           


Weight management. Avoid new sugary traditions such as the specialty drinks in cafés. Usually they are full of sugar and fats. One of those drinks can have more than 500 calories.

Eat what you really love. Avoid the awful cookies from the last cookie swap or the cookies in the office kitchen that you have no idea how they were made. It is best to wait to eat those foods that are very special for you and you will truly enjoy them.

Plan ahead. Do not go hungry to parties. They may only have bad food and you do not want to eat bad food when you are starving. Therefore, our suggestion is to drink plenty of water or eat a healthy snack before arriving.

Drink plenty of water. If you suspect that you may not find plain water to drink someplace, just bring your own bottle.

Prefer wine or light beer to cocktails. Cocktails, especially pina colada, have way too much sugar.

Moderation. This is the key to staying healthy and eating what you love. Have a little bit of everything and always avoid eating or drinking anything in excess.

Workout. Even if it is walking in the mall, keep moving. Since this is the holiday season, you may also go dancing. 

Have a great holiday!   

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