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Easy ways to workout without working out--




Keep it tuck. Try to keep you abdomen tucked. This stabilizes your back, you will look taller with a smaller tummy and you are strengthening your abdominal muscles. When you have a few seconds you can tuck in your tummy, hold it for a few seconds and let it go, and repeat 12 times. This works your abdominal muscles.

Tuck the butt. Just as your abdomen, the gluteus can benefit from contractions. Besides, it helps you to have a better posture. When you have a few seconds, tuck in your butt, hold, release, and repeat. You are helping your butt muscles to get tighter. 


Up and down. If you are washing dishes, put a short stool or something a few inches higher where you can stand up. Put the ball of your feet on this aid and go up and down. This works your lower legs.        


Stretch. When you go to the restroom, do a few stretching exercises. This will relax you and energize you. Here is one. Stand up straight, take a deep breath in, and let it go out. Repeat and this time as you breathe in, lift your right arm all the way up, and enjoy the stretch on your side muscles. Put the arm down but try to keep the nice length you gained when you lifted the arm. Repeat with the other arm.  

Leg work. When you go to the bathroom or have a few minutes for you, do the following. Stand up straight with the legs hip width apart. Put one leg in front of you and the other leg behind you. Flex the leg in front of you and feel the stretch. Repeat with the other leg and repeat the exercise. You are stretching your legs and engaging the muscles.  

Will this workout give you a body like Pamela Anderson? Maybe not, but it is a good start and you will burn more calories than if you do not do it. As a Chinese proverb says, "A trip of a thousand miles starts with one step" and we can add that every step counts. Keep building your routine.  

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