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Great Hollywood celebs' bodies




There is no scarcity of beauty in Hollywood, but the women we have chosen for this article are not only beautiful, they are real and do not kill themselves to keep their great bodies looking like that. The beauties we selected workout and eat healthy they do not just relay in their genes. 

Keira Knightley
Keira is very young, tall and naturally pencil thin. Her skin is perfect and her facial features beautiful. Keira does not have a big chest, but that does not lower her self-esteem. Neither has she rushed to the plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. 

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In some past statements she had actually opposed plastic surgery as a way to look good though she has recently softened her attitude and has talked about her wish.

Keira probably does not need to workout either, but she does it. Keira diligently practices kickboxing (the real thing - not the workout version) and her trainer has said that she is good at it.

Scarlett Johansson 
The new blonde bombshell in Hollywood, it is difficult to find a flaw in her – she is simply beautiful. Perhaps, she could have been taller but she certainly does not need it. Scarlett belongs to the group of new curvaceous, sensual actresses joining Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Eva Mendes and others.

Scarlett has said that she knows she would never be rail thin and she does not want to be like that; she loves her body shape. With that said, Scarlett watches what she eats and works out frequently. Lately she has been practicing boxing.

Halle Berry
Halle has the most requested nose in plastic surgeons’ offices. She is considered as having one of the most desirable bodies by both women and men. She is naturally skinny, but with lots of curves in the right places. Halle is diabetic and she has said that she eats healthy to protect her health.

Halle who turned 40 in 2006 works out regularly. Before some of her most recent movies, she followed the 5 Factor system. In this system, the person works out 25 minutes 5 days a week.

Jessica Alba
Jessica has an inspirational story that many people can relate to. She grew up in a family where food was important and most family members were overweight. At 12, she decided that she was not going to be like that, so she started to cook her own meals. She is known among her friends for her low-calorie, delicious recipes for Mexican dishes. 

Jessica also works out regularly. In an interview to Marie Claire magazine she said, “I take a bath almost every day. Because I work out so hard, I usually put in a gallon of Epsom salts….Running is suffering, I don't care what anybody says. But it always makes me feel good afterwards.” 


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