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Get the max out of your workout routine

You have decided to workout or are already working out; congratulations! Many times we see people in the gym that are not getting the max out of their routine for many reasons. Do not let this happen to you. Continues below...    



This article is divided in two parts: workout routine killers and advice on how to maximize your results while working our. The article is directed to the normal person not to bodybuilders or fitness experts.

Workout routine killers
1- Socialize.
Many people go to gym and socialize. While there is nothing wrong with this (you are more likely to meet someone like you if you are single), it can sabotage your efforts if you are not careful. Make sure you have a routine and follow it through, you can socialize before or after or both but not during your routine. Your time is precious and lack of time is one of the most commonly used reasons for not exercising, so use your workout time effectively and efficiently.

Rut routine.
Vary your routines, challenge yourself. If your routine is easy or the same you have had for months or years, you may not be getting the best results out of it. The body needs to be constantly challenged.

Lack of precautions
If you injure yourself you will have to stop working out for a while. Take all the precautions and workout the safe way.  Concentration is key for this.

When many people start to workout, they have so much enthusiasm that they want to do everything at once. Remember, start where you are and you will improve from there. Keep your schedules, workouts and expectations realistic.

Spot training
Spot training is a myth, according to health experts. It is not possible to reduce only your thighs or tummy. If we have fat, we will have to reduce the fat level in the whole body, not only where we want. While weight training can tone specific muscles, it will not necessarily reduce them, for example, many people use some machines to supposedly trim their waist. This is not the case that machine will strengthen your obliques but you will not develop a finer waist. To do that you need to lose fat all over your body.

Incomplete routines
While you may choose to train specific areas of your body more than others, it is very important to train the whole body and not to do only the areas you choose.

Wrong form
When you are working out form is very important in order to work the muscles you want to work at the required intensity. If you cheat, talk or lack focus, you may injure yourself or not get the best results.

It is very easy to cheat while working out; you are accountable only to yourself. Cheating occurs when the person does not do the exercises the right way, when the person does not put the effort required, and when we cut our routine short for any excuse.

Once you decide to workout you have overcome many hassles. Most of us will prefer to watch TV, talk to friends etc. than working out. If we are working out, we owe it to ourselves: do our best to get the best results possible in the time we are devoting.

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