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How to start a workout program: Fitness goals--

3- Goals. You need to know if your general goal to workout is it to firm up, lose weight, develop muscle, improve overall health, or all of them. 


Usually it is a combination of all of those goals. Most people want to lose some weight. To achieve this, you need aerobic or cardio exercise. You will also need strength training to develop muscle and a few minutes of flexibility exercises.

To have or not to have specific goals depends on you. Do you want to measure your progress on a specific dress size, or rather a certain weight, or to be able to run a specific distance? Your goal is personal and flexible. You can always adjust it along the way. Your goal can also be a bit more subjective, such as have more energy, and of course, it can be a combination of many of these parameters.

Know yourself. This is very important. We all have strengths and weaknesses. You are the only one who knows what your own strengths and weaknesses are. For most people, the most difficult part of working out is to follow through. Develop a program to be accountable to either you, to others, and have specific goals or a rewarding system.  

Accountability. This is the traditional way to measure your progress - a report card just as the grades in school. You decide on your goals, the time you will dedicate to workout, the type of workout, and you write it down every time. You have a specific weight, dress size or other measurable way and you check every one or two weeks to measure your progress. 

You track your progress in a notebook or computer. Several dieting websites also allow you to track your progress online using simple trackers. You can record things like the number of minutes your workout lasted and how many calories you consumed/burned. This is very powerful, because at the end of the week you can see with your own eyes if you kept your word. 

Specific goals. Be a size 6 in one year (or whatever time period makes sense for your body). So after three months, you can measure yourself and see if you have reached your 3-month goal or if you need to change strategy. This is also very powerful, because when you see your accomplishments you get a strong sense of motivation and empowerment. Plus, your self-esteem raises.

  Rewards and Celebrate yourself.

Introduction: Starting a fitness program


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