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Great excuses you can use to avoid working out--

Nobody, or at least the vast majority of people, likes to workout (if the rising level of obesity is used as an indicator). If you are in this group you may want use some of following excuses if you do not want to workout:  



1-  I just do not have time. This always works and in fact you may not have time. 

One personal trainer says that by working out you will have more time because you will have more energy and you will save trips to the doctors in the long run.  It is a good thing and even if it is not easy it is worthwhile and you deserve to have some time for yourself.

2-  I have to go to the gym, but I do not have time. The reality: you do not need a gym and you need little time. Even extremely busy people regularly workout and find that no one minds waiting for them if they tell them that they need to do it.

3- I have to sign up with a gym and I do not have the money. Reality: you do not need a gym or expensive equipment. You can simply walk, run or jump rope. Besides, you can get good deals on gym memberships these days if you watch out for promotions. Just think about it; it will cost you less than a dollar a day and it will save you money, time and suffering by preventing illnesses in the long term.

4- I want to workout at home, but I do not have the equipment. Reality: you can do without it. If you insist on equipment/weight etc, you can simply buy weights and book/video by making a small, one-time investment. In the long run it turns out to be cheaper than membership in a gym, plus all family members can use it. 

5- I just do not like to workout. This is the most valid excuse of all, in fact it is not an excuse; it is the truth. Few people like to work out, but there is good news: once you start you will like it or at least not dislike it that much. If you were active at sports in high school, try to remember how good it felt to be strong and lean. You can still do it - even after high school. 

6- There are many other excuses such as I do not feel good today, I am too tired, I need to spend more time with my family, I will do it tomorrow, next Monday, next year or for the next high school reunion. There are many good reasons to workout and you can start where you are now, do not think that you need to start with a killer program. You can do it - it all starts in your mind.  

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