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How to lose weight without a diet





Tips to lose weight without a diet

Recent studies suggest that just moving around is great to lose weight. During the day, you have plenty of opportunities to move around. If you are trying to stop gaining weight, do follow some of the well-known tricks. Little by little you will burn calories.

If you want to lose weight, but you hate working out, be flexible but constant. 



Start small and increase your program as you progress. For example, do not wait to have a full half an hour to workout. Do ten minutes, but then do it everyday. Increase time and speed as you progress but always workout.  

Cut your portions, especially of bad foods. If you cut the size of your portions, you will be eating less calories. Let's say you cut the portion by one third, you will automatically be cutting your calorie intake by one third. 

Include good foods in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are good for you. If you learn to cook your vegetables in a healthy way, you will be consuming valuable nutrients and potentially substituting high calorie foods by vegetables.

Think positively. Do not think eating healthy is a challenge or a torture. Instead, think that eating healthy is loving yourself and pampering your body. A change in your point of view is crucial to changing bad habits.

If you drink more than one drink (alcohol) a day and you want to lose weight, you will have to reduce your alcohol intake. Even better, do it only once or twice a week or on special occasions only, or quit completely, if you can.

Drink water. 8 to 10 glasses a day. 75% of Americans are dehydrated; do not be one of them.

Do not think in terms of a diet; think in terms of creating a better lifestyle.

Think you can. Be positive.  


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