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Destination weddings.

Every woman dreams of a great wedding day with the perfect sky to take pictures and good weather in general.  



Obviously, the weather is something we cannot control, no matter how large your budget is. In a destination wedding too, this is the case, but some places have more stability in weather patterns than others. 

In Cancun, for instance, there is more sun year around than in New York, and in dry season chances are it is not going to rain. The problem is you do not live in Cancun. Well, you can still get married there.

Destination weddings are a good alternative for many couples for various reasons. They are not for everybody, though, especially not for those who want to have all their friends and family present at the wedding. However, they are great for the following reasons:

You will not have to invite a lot of people only because you feel obligated to do it. Since it is a wedding far away only the people that really matter to you get invited and only those that really are committed to your friendship and can attend will do so. So your wedding attendee list will be much smaller.

For Latin couples some of the best locations for destinations wedding can be those places close to our roots not necessarily the places where our parents or we came from. Among the preferred destinations are Spain, El Viejo San Juan in Puerto Rico, and many wonderful places in Mexico. You can always look at more exotic destinations such as Roatan in Honduras and Antigua Guatemala in Guatemala. Costa Rica, with its superb service and its world-class accommodations, is a place to be considered as well. Destination weddings in South America are less common but you can look into it. 

Choosing a destination



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