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A healthy vegetarian diet





What do Shania Twain, Christina Applegate, Richard Gere, Tobey Maguire, Lauren Bush, Gloria Steiman, Brandy, Natalie Portman, the Indian legendary actor Amitabah Bachchan and Pamela Anderson have in common besides being celebrities? They are all vegetarians. 

Although the number of vegetarians in the United States has been growing, and more and more vegetarian prepared foods are now available, this has not resulted in it being easy to follow a healthy vegetarian diet. 



Many great organizations that protect animal rights give ideas on how to follow a vegetarian diet, but few will teach you how to eat a healthy vegetarian diet..   

Some people have the misconception that just by avoiding meat and other animal products their diet will be healthier. Nothing can be farther from reality. Remember that most French fries will qualify as vegetarian food, but that does not make them healthy food. Same is the case with hydrogenated oils or trans-fats, most candies, sodas and of course, sugar and refined flour. 

Healthy vegetarian diets

A healthy vegetarian diet, as any other diet, has to include all food groups and a large variety of foods to make sure the body gets all the nutrients it needs. There are many types of vegetarian diets: 

Ovolacto vegetarian: eggs, milk and its derivatives, and veggies 
Lacto vegetarian: Milk and its derivatives and veggies
Vegan or strictly vegetarian: only veggies
Hindu vegetarian: milk and its derivatives and all veggies except onion and garlic. No other animal product but milk is consumed. 

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 Some other issues in a vegetarian diet

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