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Some issues in a vegetarian diet





A bad vegetarian diet
It is possible to be a vegetarian and eat unhealthy. This is actually very common and this is the reason, Dr. Perricone has written in his books that vegetarian diets are not good for the skin. 

French fries, refried beans, pasta with processed cheese, sugar, sodas, salt, processed cold cereals rich in sugar and low in nutrients, and some pizzas are all vegetarian. Many of the processed food is vegetarian and a lot of junk food is also vegetarian.



The same foods that make a diet unhealthy make a vegetarian diet unhealthy.   

Eating the same vegetables all the time

This is a major problem for some vegetarians; in many places there are not enough veggies to eat. Try to have a lot of variety in your diet even if you have to use frozen veggies.

Processed vegetarian foods
If you want to eat the same foods as non-vegetarians, perhaps you should become a flexetarian. A flexetarian is someone who can be almost vegetarian but eats animal products once in a while. Most processed foods are not healthy so if you want a hot dog, hamburger or chicken dish, it is better to have the real thing than buying imitations.

Tastes like chicken, but it is not chicken
You do not need to buy especial foods unless you want to. These foods are expensive and they may contain ingredients you do not want to eat. 

The fun of being vegetarian. Do you have to eat tofu?
To follow a healthy vegetarian diet it is important to understand the nutrients in each food and portion sizes. This is important in any diet. 

The fun of becoming a healthy vegetarian or a healthy flexetarian is to get in touch with your body's needs, foods and learn to cook. There are many wonderful vegetarian recipes especially if you look at Indian cuisine. There are forgotten recipes from the Adventists and you can always modify your own recipes to make them vegetarian.

You do not have to eat any special foods. Low fat tofu is healthy, but if you do not like it, it is not going to work for you. Eat foods that you like, but keep your mind open and try all foods in different ways and you will find amazing new veggies and new dishes. 

Can you lose weight with a vegetarian diet? 
Absolutely you can. Remember the keys of any healthy diet are portion control and diverse foods. Avoid processed foods and high-fat foods, and of course, you should also limit French fries and desserts.

Organic and vegetarian
Organic products are generally speaking better than non-organic, but they very expensive and a lot of people cannot afford them. If you want to be a healthy vegetarian and you can buy them it is a worthy investment, but if you do not have the money it is better to eat regular vegetables.

Cruelty free
The way chicken and all farm animals are treated these days is inhuman, grotesque, awful and too painful too describe. Animals are also treated with antibiotics and lots of hormones. These substances may affect your own health. But they are considered safe by the FDA. 

Natural free-range chicken's eggs are better than the very cheap regular eggs. Whole food supermarkets sell these eggs at a good price. 

There are also organic eggs. The difference is that the chickens are fed with organic foods.

Organic milk
Cows are typically treated with hormones and other medicines. These substances may affect your body, but just like the eggs they are considered safe by the FDA. 

Organic milk is more expensive than regular milk - about three times the price. You can also buy milk from cows raised in the natural way and fed with grains. 
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