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Weight Loss Treatments

In addition to diet, exercise, liposuction and obesity surgery there are other weight loss treatments.  Continues below  


There effectiveness is not proven, but there are those who say they are very effective.

These treatments are used for people who do not have to lose a lot of weight.

In this treatment small amounts of chemical cocktails are injected inthe skin in the areas where you want to lose weight. According to its practitioners it helps to reduce localized fat. There are no studies to prove its effectiveness, but it is popular in Brazil and in some countries in Europe. Read more mesotherapy

These massages are not the relaxing type. The idea is that the pressure during the massage can help body move and eliminate fat deposits.

They are very strong and can cause pain and bruising because of the pressure and techniques used. The massages concentrate on the areas in which you want to lose more fat and are often done using special weight loss creams or oils.

There are some Latin celebrities that swear that they help to accelerate weight loss when following a diet.

Laser liposuction
It does not use liposuction cannulas to suck out the fat and therefore there is no need for incisions, anesthesia and cutting the skin. It uses a machine (multiple versions) which uses light to produce heat which in turn melts the fat. The machine is also used to treat cellulite and tighten the skin.

Radio Frequency
It is similar to the previous treatment but the machine uses electromagnetic waves.

This natural treatment helps balance the body's energy to help to remove toxins and control appetite.

Saunas and similar
Is believed to help eliminate toxins and fat, but doctors say they cannot remove fat, only water.

Written by: Loren C



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