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Smile: Teeth whitening options 


Your smile is probably one of your best attributes. When we smile we show our happiness, appreciation, and sometimes love. A smile is the best ornament to your face. No wonder we like when people smile at us.   Continues below...    



To get a beautiful smile is easy: you have to feel it in your heart and be natural. Obviously when we smile we show not only our emotions, but also are teeth.

White teeth are a symbol of youth and beauty. It is easy to get those pearls in your mouth that you see on TV.  To get those really white beautiful teeth, you have a lot of resources. Whitening your teeth is easy and inexpensive and you can do it right in your home. 

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There are three major options for teeth whitening right now: 

  • Bleaching by a dentist 
  • In-home bleaching 
  • Using teeth whitening toothpastes/strips 

Bleaching by a dentist

This is generally a two-step process. Since the dentist and her/his assistant will work for about two hours, you can add up the cost. It can be hundreds of dollars and most insurance programs do not cover teeth whitening. Of course, the dentist will do a very thorough job and you will get better results with long-lasting effect. Recommended if you have really bad looking teeth from years of neglect and you want a good job done and have the money to spend.

In-home bleaching

In this process, you buy the teeth whitening products yourself and many of them are now available over-the-counter or you can buy online from a larger variety. Or in other words, you can simply go online and order them right away without a prescription from a doctor. Typically, you will apply a gel on your teeth, let it dry for a few seconds, and just forget about it. How long you wear it and how many applications will be needed for the complete program depends on the product that you buy. So it is best to do your research and then pick the product that best suits your personal situation. Recommended if you do not want to spend the money with the dentist or if your teeth are in reasonable shape and you just want to make sure that you look better.

Using a teeth whitening toothpaste/strips

Probably the cheapest and zero-hassle option. You simply change to this new toothpaste or apply the strips. They are very affordable and most leading toothpaste brands like Colgate Simply White and Crest 
Whitestrips do a great job if you have only minor yellowing of teeth and your teeth are otherwise in good shape.

Taking care of teeth after whitening 

Follow the advice of your dentist if you have visited one. 

Brush your teeth after every meal and definitely rinse your mouth with water every time you eat/drink something. Also use a mouthwash like 

Try to rinse your mouth quickly after you drink anything with strong color such as coffee and red wine. 

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