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          Spring spa program 





Make spring a great season and pamper yourself a little. Ideally, you should go to a spa and just relax, but this is not an option for some of us. So Lindísima has a plan for you to have the spa experience at home. 

The following is the plan we have put together but you can add and subtract activities depending on your situation. If you have more ideas, please write to us to share them with all of our readers.

The plan has suggested daily, weekly, and monthly activities. The objective is to relax and look better. 


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Spa activities  

Daily spa program
1- Shower with a luxurious soap or shower gel.

2- Use a feet file to exfoliate the rough areas of your feet after the shower (it takes 2 minutes or less).

3- Use a nail orange stick to push your cuticles and apply cream thereafter. 

4- Apply a rich body lotion or cream over your whole body immediately after the shower to seal in the moisture.

5- Buy or make you own eye pack and put on your eyes for 2 minutes or more. It is so relaxing.  The ideal eye pack has to be about one pound heavy and cold - not hot.   

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