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          Spring spa program: 2 part





Read part 1: Spa program

Weekly spa program
1- Body-polish treatment with homemade or store bought product

2- Put on a face mask natural or your favorite brand

3- Do a mini spa manicure

4- Optional: take an aromatherapy-relaxing bath 

5- Do 45 minutes of yoga or belly dance 


-- -

6- Have a tea ceremony. Invite friends to join you. Just sit in a nice place in you home or a coffee shop and enjoy a nice cup of tea. If you are alone, write something in your daily journal, or look at old pictures.

7- Take 10 minutes to lie down on a carpet, close your eyes, and meditate.  

Bi-weekly spa program

1- Have a facial at home. You can do it with family members or invite a bunch of your girlfriends and have a small spa party.

2- Mini spa pedicure can be a separate activity or you can combine it with your spa party.

3- Do something fun and different.

Monthly spa program
If you can, try to have every month one of the following procedures done professionally:
Pedicure and manicure 

Read part 1: Spa program

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