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          The rose theme party 





Have your theme party with the most romantic theme - roses. 

Decoration should be easy to do. You do not necessarily need to use roses; you can use rose colors. For example, you can create a really bold theme with red and pink or orange. Or have a more classic English look with just pink and white, or perhaps a more contemporary look with brown and pink. Just take inspiration from anything you like and go with it.


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Your decoration may include bowls with water and floating rose petals. You may add some rose water or perfume to get the fragrance. You can also add floating candles.  

The rose food.
Yes, roses in your food. What can be more decadent than food with roses? The Maharajas and the kings of old civilization in the Middle East have feasted on foods with rosewater and rose decorations. 

A great way to complement the food is to include champagne, chocolates, and rosewater desserts. 

Here are some foods that take rosewater.

Gulab Jamun. This traditional Indian dessert can be too sweet for the western palate but ours has taken this into consideration.

Baklava. The Arab dessert

Fruit salad with rosewater

Rosewater drinks available in Indian and Middle Eastern stores. 

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