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Relationships  - Love and life 


Romantic rituals to keep the passion and romance vibrant in a relationship

How to deal with bad temper




Feng shui for romance in the bedroom

Powerful women. Women are considered the weaker sex and have had to suffer greatly just to prove that they are as good as their male counterparts. 

Online Dating for Latinas
As Latinas in the USA, we sometimes struggle with our dual cultural roots. At the time of marriage or dating, this struggle is even stronger. Should we date a Latino or should we be open to other men? Read more on online dating 

In this article, I am going to discuss the little things that you ignore and think are not important that will make your relationships work.  Read more Happy relationships

My Husband is Cheating

Angie writes to us, "My husband of 11 years seems to be cheating on me. I think I do everything I can to please my man, but it is not working. He comes late, barely pays any attention to me, and often sleeps on the couch. I thought we had a good relationship but it seems that something is not working. I have tried to speak to him but he says nothing. What can I do?".

Read our Answer for solutions to problems with my husband

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