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Removes toxins from your body and your life

When we think detox we think of rigorous programs in a spa or fasting treatments. But is does not need to be like that. Continues below  



Removing toxins does not require much effort, because our bodies just need a little help. You can follow the following tips for a week or a couple of days to eliminate toxins.

Drink water
Eliminate caffeine and alcohol. These foods force the kidneys and liver to work harder. If you really need coffee, have only one wonderful cup a day, or have a few sips.

Eat vegetables.
Because of its high content of nutrients, water and fiber, they help to eliminate toxins.

Eat fiber.
Either in whole grains, vegetables or fruit, they help to clean the intestines.

Clean your tongue in the morning.
The tongue holds a lot of bacteria. To clean it, use a tongue scraper or a toothbrush (without toothpaste), only with water and rub lightly.

Dry Brushing.
This helps eliminate toxins from the skin. Read more about dry brushing.

Sweat also eliminates toxins. You can sweat by taking a sauna, steam, having a body wrap or other similar treatments, and by working out.

Lymphatic massage.
This gentle massage helps the body eliminate toxins and it is relaxing.

Use the cell phone less often
Although controversial many health professionals believe that the cell phone waves affect the body. When not using a cell phone, put it in your purse rather than close to your body.

Clean the air in your home.
Use natural products, insecticides and avoiding harsh cleansers, all that smell eventually ends up into your lungs. House plants help to remove such toxins.

It's easy, relaxing and effective. Breathe deeply several times a day.

Drink vegetable juices 1-3 times a week
If you want a more vigorous treatment you can have a fast consuming only vegetable juices for one to three days.

Detoxify your mind
Limits exposure all the bad news around or whatever makes you angry or sad. I am not suggesting that you isolate yourself, but to keep up with the news, try NPR or The New York Times, rather than other channels that sensationalize everything and often make the news appear more nasty than it is. Similarly, limit your exposure to news about tragedies, war, corruption, etc.

Change your routine or scenario.
Visit a different location, change of route to go to work, visit museums and galleries or take walks in a park.

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