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Trying to get pregnant after 40: a personal story

When I was born my mother was almost forty. My younger sister was born after my mom was forty two. We are both normal people. My gynecologist's mom had him after 40 also. To have kids after 40 is not new.  Continues below  


As we know undeniably, fertility goes down with age and the risk of malformations, especially Down's Syndrome, in the fetus is higher in older mothers. Knowing this, is it wrong to want a baby at my age? Am I being irresponsible? 

These are questions in my mind and there is no easy answer. Many younger mothers have fertility problems, and many older mothers do have perfect babies. 

So with this doubt, I went to the doctor to find out what to do. In fact I went to two doctors. This is what they told me:

I better hurry up. I am in a race against time. Every day my precious fertility goes down and the risks go up. One of the doctors told me that I should try to conceive in the next two months and if I fail I should look for fertility treatments. The other doctor (my original doctor) told me I could wait a little longer, maybe six months, just not to postpone it a lot. At his age I cannot take things for granted. 

The doctors ordered the regular tests and a Pap smear examination. Everything came out good. All my exams show that I am a very healthy woman. 

In order to get pregnant I have to have sex during my fertile days. The doctor explained to me what those days are. I have to make sure I do it at the right time; the window of fertility is very narrow. I have to watch the mucus to determine my fertile days and not rely only on calculations or home test kit.

I have to keep stress down. High levels of stress lowers fertility

I have to take folic acid. Folic acid has been proven to reduce the risk of malformations with the fetus.

If everything fails, I have to go to a fertility specialist. This doctor will determine what is the best for my case. It could very well be fertility drugs.

2 update: 1.5 years later still I am not pregnant, I am now 43.  My fertility specialist does want to treat me anymore.    

By: anonymous 

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