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Beauty - Plastic surgery 

Plastic surgery decisions; how to make them 


Jose in Baltimore, Maryland, is 41 year old and is married to Melissa, 39, with one teenage daughter. He says, "Of course the signs of aging are showing on us and while I am trying to age gracefully, Melissa is, on the other hand, devastated as she sees her body change.   



She has been watching all the makeovers programs that seem to say that plastic surgery is the solution to get a youthful body. We are financially comfortable and can spend the money, but how do we decide if plastic surgery is for her?"

The first thing to note is that you can slow down and delay aging without plastic surgery. For instance, you can look younger using Dr. Perricone's approach.  Plastic surgery should be the last resource after working out, eating healthy and taking care of yourself.  

There is no doubt though that the results obtained from plastic surgery are remarkable. Here are things that you need to consider when making decisions related to plastic surgery.

Financial: The expenses can run into tens of thousands of dollars if done in the US. You can go overseas and reduce your cost. If there are post-surgery complications, costs increase rapidly.

Health: While it seems so easy and painless on television, never forget that it is a medical procedure and your life may be threatened. Apart from the advice of your plastic surgeon, it is a good idea to consult your family doctor as well.

Emotional: Plastic surgery can cause many changes in how a person feels about her/himself and how s/he views her/his life and relationship.  In most cases people feel good after plastic surgery.  But in a few cases divorces and breakups plastic surgery are not rare.

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