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The Perricone Diet Online 





This is one of the latest diets. It is supposed to help you not only lose weight but it is being promoted as an anti-aging diet. It is supposed to give you younger looking skin or clear skin, if you are young. We are reviewing here Dr. Perricone's diet and neither his cosmetic line nor his line of food supplements.

It is a healthy diet and very similar to the Mediterranean diet. It offers a great variety of foods and many menu options. 



It is difficult to agree with everything Dr. Perricone says in his books, but basically his diet is a good program to learn how to eat healthy and you will not go hungry nor spend your day in the kitchen. . 

This is not a diet for vegetarians or for people who do not like fish. Dr. Perricone's diet eliminates or limits the consumption of sugars and white flour. It also limits some starchy fruits and vegetables. He has a list of foods that he eliminates, though some of those foods are recommended by nutritionists, such as bananas. 

Dr. Perricone also recommends some supplements. No wonder then that he has his own line of supplements. Obviously you do not need to buy Dr. Perricone's products since there are many other options. 

It cost $5 a week billed to your credit card quarterly. The question here is do you need to follow the online program or just buy the book. Certainly you can follow the diet just by using the book. The online Perricone version offers the advantages of the eDiets system: customization of menus, generation of shopping list, online support groups and advice. If you are serious about following this diet and you have limited time, the online Perricone diet is a good choice. 

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