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If I lose weight, am I going to look like Oprah?




Oprah looks great. She looks great; period. But for 51, she looks even better. In fact, if you see the pictures Oprah has posted on her website, you will see that Oprah looks better now than when she was younger. 

Oprah has told a story on her show about how, when she was very large, she did not let the seamstress take her measurements. She will tell her aides that she should simply see her and estimate her measurements. Oprah did not want anyone to know how large she really was. That was a long time ago and Oprah has come a long way since then.  



Yes, Oprah is a fit woman now. She lost weight the right way, the old fashioned way: eating right and working out. That healthy prescription shows on her glowing skin and a highly toned body. Even her abs look great. However, Oprah often talks on her show about other changes in her life, how she loves and respects herself now, and how she pampers herself. Is it only the weight loss that has changed Oprah? Will you look that good only by losing weight?    

Oprah has accomplished more than mere weight loss. Let's see some of the attributes of her new persona now:

A great posture. On television, the newscaster and talk show hosts do not slouch. All of them have good posture and Oprah is no exception. She carries herself very well. Good posture is vital to looking good. If you lose weight and have bad posture, you will not look your best. Improve your posture now. Do not wait till you lose weight. 

A great style. Oprah's style has gone from poor taste in some cases to exquisite. She dresses well and she knows what to wear. But let me guess what you are thinking. When someone has that type of money, it is easy to dress well. With an entourage that includes stylists, hairdresser, makeup artist, designer friends, wonderful photographers (for the magazine covers), a fitness trainer, cooks etc., anyone can look good. 

OK. You and I do not have that type of money, but what can we do? Develop your own style; try on clothes, and watch "What not to wear" and similar TV programs. You can learn it. It will take time and practice, but better later than never. Here are two ideas to get started:

Hire a stylish or an image consultant. They are not very expensive. Or ask friends with good taste to help you. Once you know someone whom you like and ask her for help, she will be delighted to share her tips - after all, who does not want to be considered as an expert?

Take a modeling class. Why not? You are not a teenager anymore? Who cares! You want to be adventurous, so just have fun at the modeling school.

Poise, grace, and the most important of all, self-confidence. Oprah really has it. Trust yourself, be kind to yourself, talk positive, think positive, be graceful, and be thankful. I do not know Oprah personally, but I think she is a great listener, a fun friend who is not cynical, and a woman with a mission beyond herself. If you lose weight and do not respect and love yourself even before you start losing weight, do not expect that your life will change just by losing weight. You are worthy of your self-love and self-respect. 

It helps to have Oprah's money but you can do it. Lose the weight and look great, but you can also start to look great right now as you are.  
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