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As Latinas in the USA we sometimes struggle about our dual cultural life. At the time of marriage or dating this struggle is even stronger. Should we date a Latino or should we be open to other cultures? 

After all we live in the USA, the greatest melting pot in the world. Well, we cannot tell you what is better for you, but if you want to date a Latino, you are no more restricted to those living in the USA. If you are not afraid of Latinos outside de USA, the online dating is there for you.  




Online dating is now an empowering force changing the face of dating. Meeting a man or a woman online and eventually marrying someone is no big deal any more. May be eHarmony should even stop talking about it because it no longer has that Wow factor. What still has some Wow factor though is meeting and marrying someone from thousands of miles away. 

Does it work? 

The other day I ran into Tanya. I was waiting for my wife to try on some clothes at the Zara store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. When the girl, who was handing out tags and restocking the clothes, smiled at me, I said Hi and just asked her about how long the store has been around and what she thought of the clothes there. Since she had an accent and spoke English rather slowly, I assumed that she might have be an employee at the Zara headquarters in Spain. Well, she said that she was an American but grew up in the Dominican Republic. Only recently she has moved to New York with her Argentinean husband whom she met online.

That is when it got really interesting for me and I found out more. She published her online profile on an online dating website and to her surprise, she heard from a lot of men (I was not surprised to hear that since she is pretty and young) who were not in the Dominican Republic. 
And as they say, the rest is history. The couple tried to build a future in Argentina but the poor economy had little hope for them. So, though they both don't seem to speak a lot of English, she is back in her motherland to pursue a dream with her husband.

I continue to be amazed how online dating is shrinking the world. A couple that has their roots in three countries now!

So think again about those Latino guapos over there. And they are not as machistas as they used to be and in some countries machismo is not as big as it is in Mexico or Central America. Good luck in your Pan-American adventures. 









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