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Oprah’s weight loss secret for everyone

Most people are surprised to see the cover of the January 2005 issue of the Oprah magazine. Oprah is on the cover (What a surprise?) looking just great and FIT. As fit as someone can be. What a great story: fat Oprah is gone, fit Oprah is on. Oprah looks good, healthy and happy. What an inspiration for all of us who have battled weight problems!

And as Oprah keeps saying, “If I can do it, you can too (lose weight).” Bravo Oprah, Bravo. 



Oprah did not do it alone; she got help from Bob Greene. Bob has become a celebrity after Oprah started to look skinnier and healthier. Bob’s program is no non-sense; it is the original common sense diet with lots of exercise. It is a complete program and it is now available online. This is a fitness program. 

The program is part of the eDiets family so you can get: menu choices, shopping lists and recipes, online tracking of your progress, articles and motivational tips. The Bob Greene program online is very similar to one he had for Oprah. It has fitness and diet principles. If you want more options for an additional fee you can have personalized diets. 

It also has online chats with Bob once in a while. In summary, this a good program and on top of that, it is a little cheaper than other online diet programs. It costs about $2.99 per week or $38.87 for three months. If you add the personalized diet, you pay double that amount. 

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