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South Beach Diet Online





Most nutritionists think that this is a healthy diet specially after you complete the first 2-week phase. The South Beach Diet™ was developed by cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston. 

Dr. Agatston recommends a balanced diet that incorporates good fats and good carbs. This “smart carb” (low carb, but with good carbs) diet consists of three phases:  



Phase 1: Start Losing Weight. This is a two-week period of eating proteins – like meat, chicken, and fish – and plenty of vegetables, eggs, cheese, and nuts. You’ll cut out bread, pasta, candies, desserts and fruit – to help you banish cravings for unhealthy carbs. This is a very strict phase, but it is short and it works wonders.

Phase 2: Reintroduce Carbs. During this phase the good carbs are back: whole wheat bread, whole grains and fruits. You’ll stay in Phase 2 until you’ve reached all your weight-loss goals.

Phase 3: Your Diet For Life. During this phase, you will apply the principles of the diet that is good carbs, good fats and lots of healthy protein. You’ll continue to follow the basic principles to maintain your weight and feel healthy. If you start to gain weight again you can go back to any of the other phases. 

How does the South Beach Diet Online work? 

The South Beach Diet™ Online offers you an easy way to follow the South Beach Diet. It has recipes (over 800 recipes) so that the software can help you to put together your own menus while checking that the diet principles are observed. 

The South Beach Diet online offers advice from Dr. Agatston himself and other dedicated registered experts.

It also offers has what they call as the Complete Diet Toolkit. This includes Weight Tracker to track your progress, Diet Log, Meal Planner, and Grocery Shopping Lists. 
It also has community support called Beach Buddies. This is a support group for members and a great way to exchange tips to help you stay motivated and on track. 

Is The South Beach Diet™ Online right for you?

With so many diets out there – low fat, low carb, low calorie – it can be confusing trying to figure out which is right for you. The South Beach Diet incorporates good carbs and good fats. This allows you to eat normally and have some freedom putting you own menus together that your whole family can eat; it is not diet food.

Are people loosing weight with this diet?
Yes they are. It is an easy to follow this diet and you will definitely lose weight based on the feedback that we have received from our readers. One of the complaints of some people is that some recipes are too spa-like and complex. You do not have to do the difficult recipes you can customize the recipes to your taste and budget. 

We recommend the South Beach Diet.

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