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Are online Diets A good choice for you? 





Online diets are ideal for someone who wants structure while following a weight loss program. It is good for busy people who can benefit from the interactive tools that the services offer.

In general these are good services and most people find them helpful. Usually they are better than a book alone and almost as good as local programs. 



Online diets are not 100% guaranteed because to lose weight does not depend on them; it depends on you. If you are ready to take the weight loss challenge, then this could be good and you will look and feel great once you succeed. 

Disadvantages of online diets

Everything has a positive and a negative face, or at least most things do. Online diets are not the exception. 

They offer variety, but they are not 100% fault proof. You may not be able to fully customize your diet because you may want to eat foods that are not included in the computer software.

You have to connect and be online for a few minutes everyday. It is one more thing to do in the day. On the other hand, this will simplify your life because the computer will do a lot of thinking for you. It will help you to be more organized.

They are costly. An online diet is not cheaper than buying a book, but it is cheaper than attending a local Weight Watchers® group. You will also need to pay ahead of time, usually quarterly.

The computer only recommends what to eat, but you can cheat anytime you want. It is up to you and to you only. Paying a service does not mean automatic weight loss. 

The software does the thinking for you. It helps you to select recipes, to print shopping lists and to plan ahead.

You will have a structured program to follow. This is good if you are not very disciplined.

It tracks your progress. You will be able to see graphics of your progress and this will motivate you to reach your goal.

It has support groups online. You can post messages to other users asking for tips and suggestions and read their messages. 

Which plan is better for you?
There is not a wrong answer for this; it depends on your needs and taste. At he top of our list are South Beach Diet® and Bob Greene’s Get on the Program. But if you would like to see if you can take years off, why not try Perricone® or if you want flexibility, try the normal eDiets® program, and if you like to eat a lot, then there is Atkins Diet®. 

Remember diet is only a part of the equation; you will also need fitness. The good news is that you have an option to learn to eat healthy and reach your healthy happy weight without starving yourself, and believe me, it is difficult only in the beginning. After that, you will learn to eat healthy and you will like it. 

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