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Beauty - Make-up 

Selecting a Foundation for you Skin Color 

The foundation or base is the most important step in makeup application. It prepares the canvas to bring to life a master piece: your face. 



Foundation is also the most individualized makeup you wear, according to Cindy Crawford. It ideally has to match 100% of your skin color and its texture has to be determined by your skin type and the occasion.

It may sound complex, and it is, to choose the right foundation. This is a make up product where you may really want to splurge. 

A professional on a makeup counter such as Mac or Stilla can help you to find a perfect foundation for you. An educated consumer can get better products; so keep reading.

   Foundations Types

There are many types of foundations and more keep coming out all the time. These are the main types at this time:

Liquid foundation
It can be water- or oil-based. Water-based formulas are the best option for oily, problematic or combination skin. Oil based formulas are good for dry skin. It is easy to apply and it offers light to medium coverage. If you apply a light layer, it is light cover and if you apply more it covers more. 

Cream foundation
They have a creamy, rich texture that is ideal for dry skin. They offer excellent coverage and they look dewy on the skin. They are mostly oil-based so that makes them not a good choice for oily and combination skin. Due to their texture, they can also double as concealers.

Stick foundation
They provide great coverage. They have a thick texture and can cover any color imperfection in the skin. They are ideal for dry or normal skin. They also can be used as concealers. People with uneven skin tones or some skin conditions can benefit from using this type of foundation. They are not easy to apply, but with practice it becomes easy.

Mouse foundations
This is a non traditional type. They feel light to the touch and are very easy to apply. Once on the skin, they feel very light almost as if you are not wearing a foundation. Their coverage is also light. They are ideal for younger women or women with good skin.

Dual finish foundations or cream to powder
They are, as their name indicates, a powder that becomes cream. They can be applied dry or wet, powder or cream. They are great for women a la carrera (in a hurry). If you apply them dry, it is as if applying powder and if you apply wet, the sponge is like applying a cream. They can be used by women of all skin types.

Tinted Moisturizers
For women who do not like to apply too many things on the face, this is an attractive option. The moisturizer has a tinted base that provides some coverage. They are very sheer, ideal for people with good skin and who like the natural look. Young mothers who do not have time to put foundation can find this cream extremely helpful.

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