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How to dress so that to look and feel younger?
Tips on keeping your style trend





Margaret in Iselin, New Jersey, asks, "I was watching a television program and the expert commented that women should dress younger and they will not only look younger, they will feel younger too. I am in my early forties and don't know where to start and how to do it. I am also afraid that people might think that I am trying to be a teenager. How do I get it right?" 

Tips on dressing to look younger 

To look young, you have to feel young. And to feel young you have to perceive yourself as young. 




The mirror is your friend, so don't avoid it. Take a good look at yourself. How do you look? Is your style from the 80s, 90s, or right on target for the 21st century?   

Out 80s, 70s, 60s

What happens with many women is that they get stuck with the style of the time when they felt most beautiful. For instance, women who looked good in their 20s get stuck in the style of the 80s and so forth. Obviously we do not live in the 80s and if you get out of style, you may look old-fashioned and older today. So you need to say goodbye to any old style that you might be hanging on to. 

21 century Latina Style

You need to look stylish today in contemporary fashion for your age. Your wardrobe needs a makeover every season. Remember that you do not have to buy what you see in fashion magazines, but you need to buy clothes with the cut and style that is in fashion and you can do that by buying at less expensive stores like Banana Republic or Gap or 
Ann Taylor or any other store that you like or can afford. Fashion magazines are great places to research what is in and what will work for you; so read them often. 

Trendy and Modern 

You may also note what celebrities your age are wearing. For instance, take a look at Madonna when she is not performing. She now looks very elegant but still trendy and stylish. If you are in your 30s, do not try to look as a teenager. To look trendy does not mean to buy in the teen department.

There are many celebrities that are in their 30s and 40s and they all look fabulous. You can wear almost anything as long as it fits you well and suits your body. 

Use Color. Colors change with seasons. Colors also need to enhance your skin color and your overall outfit. Sometimes, the right use of color can make you look youthful. Black is not the only color. 

Great Hair.  If you have gray hair or other signs of aging, make sure that you work on them. Gray hair can be easily hidden through dyes and there are several anti-aging solutions now available for women in your age bracket.

Accessories.  Many times accessories can make the difference. If your bag, shoes and jewelry are in fashion, you will look younger. If you buy a few pieces of clothing and a few accessories each season you will look more modern. 

Quality.  Prefer good pieces to a lot of pieces since quality is better than quantity. If your clothes need adjustments, bring it to a tailor. It adds some dollars to the price but it can make all the difference. Do not be afraid of trying.

Online shopping. One problem in many places is that the department stores only carry boring clothing with horrible cuts. When you visit cities such as New York or Los Angeles, you can find so many wonderful clothes that you do not see in many smaller cities. But we cannot all go on shopping trips to New York City or Los Angeles. Nothing to worry; there is online shopping, and of course, catalogues. You can get great bargains if you shop online and you gain access to many good brands that the shops in your mall may not carry. If it does not fit, you can simply send it back. 











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