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Panama.  Panama is a unique travel destination, with beaches in the Caribbean and in the Pacific Ocean at a short car ride and majesty of the Panama Canal. Read more:  Travel Panama 

Exotic India: Hill Fort Kesroli.  Located in one of the most exotic areas of the world in the state of Rajasthan in India. Rajasthan was the land of the most extravagant Maharajas in India. Read more: Kesroli



Luxury cruises for Couples 
Luxury cruises are one of the most extraordinary vacations for couples.  During a cruise vacation  you will be indulged with first class service and entertainment, delicious food worthy of a king's banquet and a very convenient way to visit many places.  Read more about luxury cruises

Cancun for all Seasons 

Cancun is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. And there are many reasons for it: great beaches, wonderful people, top restaurants, great hotels and night life, archeological marvels close by and so much more. Read more about a vacation in Cancun 

Explore Latin America  Just next door, latin American offers incredible destination, cities like Buenos Aires, beaches, diving, exotic rainforests, and so much more. 



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