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From Honduras
If you have dry lips, buy cacao butter, put a little bit in an empty container and apply it with you fingertips. In Honduras, you can buy it in small squares and it is very cheap. It is 100% natural and very nourishing.

From Mexico
Arrayan oil is very effective for stretch marks when they are still white. This is a very nutritious oil that you can use instead of body lotion in areas with propensity to stretch marks or over existing stretch marks. 



- From El Salvador 
If your hair needs a shine, there is a great oil of a cousin of the avocados, called zapullulo (zapote or sapote). In Mayan language, this delicious fruit was called Yuy. This oil has a sweet fragrance and it works wonders in the hair. If you cannot get it, you may use avocado oil, which you can buy in any health food stores and some supermarkets in the oil sections. Many online stores selling natural products also sell it. Apply it over dry hair 15 or 20 minutes before washing. Preferably, warm it up in hot water before applying, but do not heat it up as this will destroy nutrients.

From Spain
Spain, la Madre patria, produces some of the best olive oils. This oil can be used in hair as a special humectant treatment as described above for the zapullulo oil. Or you can use a lighter version on your skin if you do not have or do not like to use body lotion. Donatella Versace uses olive oil on her skin. 

From Colombia
If you need to cool down (calma) or calm your skin, you take or use compresses of toronjil tea, in USA we call it as Melissa tea. You can buy it at some Spanish shops or in health food stores.

From Chile
For good breath, use parsley. You can eat it or drink its tea. Too bad that chimichurri sauce also has garlic.

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