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The Infertility Cure: book review




The Infertility Cure has been written by Randine Lewis, a former Chinese medicine fertility specialist, who organizes retreats for people facing infertility. Dr Lewis claims to have had a 75% success rate in her clinic.  


That includes patients who got pregnant using Chinese treatment only and those who used conventional fertility treatments in addition to Chinese medicine treatments.

With 75% success rate, the author has good credibility. This book explains briefly how Chinese medicine works and how it sees infertility. According to Chinese medicine, imbalances in the major organs and body systems cause infertility. If those imbalances are treated, infertility is corrected.

The Infertility Cure is written as a self-help book. It offers questionnaires to determine which type of infertility the person has. Then it has specific diet recommendations as well as tips on herbs and acupressure.

The book also has specific recommendations for common infertility causes such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition in which a woman’s hormone levels, menstrual cycles and ovulation are affected), advanced maternal age, recurrent miscarriages, endometriosis, unexplained infertility, and others.

The book is very informative and useful for people who want alternative treatments for infertility or people who have not succeeded with conventional treatment. However, it is doubtful if something so complex as Chinese medicine can be applied to the person without a professional diagnosis. The herbs to use, the food and the acupressure depend on having the right diagnosis; if this is wrong, the whole treatment maybe ineffective.

I took the diagnostic test myself. My results said that there were deficiencies in almost all organs, especially kidney yin and yang deficiencies, and blood deficiency. I was also a “cold” person with no excess heat of any kind. These terms may not make sense if you do not know Chinese medicine but bear with me. I have a point to make. I went to a Chinese practitioner who told me that my body was overheated, that I was a warm person, and that was the first thing to correct, and yes, I had kidney and other deficiencies because everything was inter-linked in the body.

In my case I got wrong a big part of the diagnosis from the book. I hope other people get everything right, but it can be more difficult than it appears.

If you are facing infertility problems and would like to try Chinese medicine alone or in combination with traditional fertility treatments, this book is a must read, but also look for professional help. The book alone may not be sufficient. Plus, if you follow both treatments, let both your doctors know what you are doing and then listen to their advice. 

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