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Menhdi Temporary Tattoos 






Madonna, the trendsetter singer, was one of the first ones to popularize them, when she used henna tattoos in a MTV show a few years ago. The henna tattoos are easy to do and they are really fun. They look good to add something different to a beach outfit or just to any dress. You can have tattoos anywhere on your body, but they look great on the hands, shoulders, legs and tummy depending on what you are wearing.

The henna tattoos are not a long life commitment; they last a couple of weeks only. You can do a henna tattoo yourself or go to a henna artist. But if you are the DIY type, we are going to tell you how to do your own henna designs.




Types of Designs

There are three main types of designs: African, Arabic and Indian 

African designs: These are bold, big designs with thick lines. They usually have geometric patterns inspired by African themes. In Africa some people use black henna; this type of henna is not considered safe because it may cause allergies to some people. 

Arabic Designs: These are also large designs and nature-inspired. The most common ones are floral patterns. The lines are thick, but smaller than the African ones. In the Middle East and North Africa they use natural henna.

Indian henna: These are the most elaborate and delicate types of designs; the patters look almost like lace. The lines are fine and the design uses the typical Indian patterns.

A design for you
You can create your own design, or copy someone else's, either from a book or from some free designs on the Net. You can either follow the design and try to draw it on your hand or copy it on you hand using a transparent paper and a pencil and then apply henna on top. Another alternative is to purchase a henna pattern or a stencil or a complete henna kit. This last alternative is the best option for first time since they usually have all you need for a henna tattoo.

To apply henna is easy, but ideally someone else should do it for you. So have a henna party; invite some friends and apply henna to each other, and express your creativity with original designs. 

Latin designs may include Aztec, Mayan or South American designs. The designs found in ceramics or textiles are also great for a temporary henna tattoo. The pre-Colombian designs are attractive and easy; you may choose a special symbol or just anything that catches your imagination..    

How to do the henna tattoo

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