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Wheat allergies
Natural remedies for athlete's foot
Eliminate toxins from your life
The Infertility Cure Review of this popular book 
Fertility Wisdom Review of the Chinese medicine and fertility book
Clandestine doctors in the immigrant communities 
Natural cures for constipation 

Aromatherapy to treat depression 
Detox?  This is the in-thing in Hollywood right now.  Many celebrities do it right before they walk on the red carpet.  Read more Detox 
Mayan abdominal massage


Vitamins and minerals for your skin

Alpha Lipoic Acid for beauty and health

Good Posture

Think about one physical attribute that all models and most celebrities have in common. Read more: good posture

Man and Chocolate.  Chocolate makes you hot

Yes, if you are interested in becoming a more romantic Latina, have some chocolate. Now scientists have found that there indeed is a link between the two: man and chocolate.  Read more: Man and Chocolate.  Chocolate makes you hot

Smile: Teeth Whitening 

Your smile is probably one of your best attributes. When we smile we show our happiness, appreciation, and sometimes love. A smile is the best ornament to your face. No wonder we like when people smile at us. Read more: Smile: Teeth Whitening 



Our Health is at Risk
You would be surprised to know that people in the richest country in the world, the USA of course, are becoming less healthy.  Read more on Latinos Health

Keeping our Brains Healthy

Our bodies age, we know that. Wrinkles, poor eyesight and loss of memory are some of those symptoms. Our brains also age. Without its incredible performance, we would be literally dead. Read more: Keeping our Brains Healthy

Remedies from Latin Latin America
Arrayan oil is very effective for stretch marks when they are still white.   Read more natural remedies form Latin America and Spain

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