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Habits to lose weight


Easy changes to lose weight

Drink. Drink water that is, you already know this, but it is important.
What is flaxseed water? continues below 



When you are drinking water you are skipping the soda. Soda even in its light versions has shown to be not healthy.

Eat more frequently. Be ready to eat smaller meals. Get your snacks ready do not wait until you get hungry and rush to the vending machine.-

Seat and eat. It is important to enjoy your meal even better if you seat with your family. When you are eating slower at the table you have more time to listen to your mind when you are full. You will eat less and lose weight effortlessly.    

Eat your protein first. This is the advise of many personal trainers, there is not a lot of science behind, but it works for most people. If you eat your protein first your hunger level goes down and you eat less

Eat all food groups in each meal. Make sure you eat all the groups in each meal: proteins, carbs and fats.

Eat vegetables in each meal. They have fiber, nutrients and fill you up with few calories. Be aware that vegetables do not mean salad only. There are so many way to cook vegetables that you can never get bored, try Indian, Thai or Chinese cuisines.

Eat whole grains. According to Oprah Winfrey this will be the new diet trend. This is a good one, whole grains have fiber, more nutrients and they really fill you up. One of the easiest to eat whole grains is old fashion rolled oats, there is also whole wheat and many others. A relatively new grain that is very nutritious is Quinoa, it has complete protein. 

Workout and make it fun. You do not need to kill yourself with exercise, but you need to work out and the more your workout the more you will loss weight. Mix your program swimming, walking, moving, dancing, strength training, etc. 


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