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Beauty Tips for the Gym

Exercise is great for our health, beauty and happiness, but to keep looking gorgeous while working out can be challenging. Here are some tips: Continues below  



Protect your breasts
You will not only look good, but you also will have better posture and will be helping your breast to keep firm. Use a good sports bra especially in high-impact activities and particularly if you have big breasts.

Sweat and beauty
When we sweat our pores open up and the sweat can block and cause blackheads and pimples. To avoid it, clean your face if you are wearing foundation before working out.

The eye makeup cannot endure the sweat and eyeliner and mascara can make you look like a raccoon in no time. To avoid this, remove the makeup or use waterproof makeup.

You can use lipstick and curl you lashes if you do not want to be without makeup.

Humidity in the body
The new specialty fabrics for sports are very effective in controlling moisture from the body. These fabrics allow sweat to dry completely in a short time. It is advisable to use such materials in sports bras, underwear, tops, socks and pants.

If moisture does not dry on time it can cause irritation, infections and fungi.

If you have just shaved or waxed, avoid using tight exercise pants, because your skin can become irritated by the sweat and friction.

Bad smell
Especially in the feet and shoes. Allow your sneakers to dry completely after each workout to avoid bad smell. You can have a couple of pair to alternate them and allow enough drying time.

To prevent sliding drops of sweat on your face you can use headbands or caps while working out.

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