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Why am I getting fat

Sometimes the reasons to gain weight are not as obvious as eating too much and not working out. There are many reasons why we gain weight, here are some of the most common. Continues below  



As time goes on (after 25) we begin to lose muscle and gain fat. This makes it easier to gain weight even if we are eating the same way. The solution is to exercise to keep muscles strong.

Hormonal changes can cause the weight increase. The biggest culprit is the thyroid, but also excessive or low levels of estrogen and the stress hormone cortisol (which helps to accumulate fat in the abdomen) can promote weight gain.

Disease and medicine
Some diseases cause hormonal imbalances and that can lead to weight gain. Also some drugs increase appetite or cause hormonal problems that lead to weight gain. Other drugs and diseases have the opposite effect. Therefore, it is always a good idea to discuss with your doctor and read yourself all the known side effects of any medication that you are taking, and if weight gain is a known side effect, ask your doctor what you should do.

Psychological factors
Stress, depression and other emotional problems can cause weight gain.

Stop smoking
Someone said that French women are not thin because they eat well and walk beautifully all over Paris; the real reason could be that they smoke. Why people who stop smoking gain weight has been the topic of many studies.

Some research shows that smokers eliminate stress by smoking. Former smokers need to plan on activities to relax, such as exercise. One simple tip used for many years is to chew gum.

The most common reasons

The lack of physical activity slows down the metabolism.

You know this already. Sometimes we eat more calories than we think we do (the labels are not always straightforward and you should read them very carefully). If you're gaining weight write down everything you eat for one week (food and approximate amounts) and after that with the help of the Internet try to calculate how many calories you consume.

Blame your parents. Some people are more prone to gaining weight than others, but the environmental conditions mentioned above are required to gain weight. Even people with a tendency to be thin can gain if they eat in excess.

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