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Natural Remedies for Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot is a skin infection caused by fungi or yeast. It is diagnosed by the itching and flaking on the feet.  Continues below  



Despite being more common in the feet it also can move to other parts of the body by the use of towels or clothing that have been in contact with the infected area. It is more common in men, but also occurs in children and women. Some people may carry the disease but do not develop it until conditions are more appropriate (warm and humid).

How to identify the athlete's foot?
When athlete’s foot starts usually it only produces itching; as it progresses the skin can look cracked and with a white layer.

It is necessary to treat athlete's foot infection because it is very contagious and can be transmitted by touching surfaces such as bathroom floors, carpet, and even pets can spread it.

Treatments for athlete's foot
If the infection is severe you should call your doctor. Depending on its severity, your doctor may prescribe creams or medications taken orally. But if it is only a minor infection you can treat it at home either buying an over-the-counter medicated cream or with natural remedies. Some of the most popular natural therapies for athlete’s foot are:.

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