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Losing weight by eating diet frozen meals 


Can I lose weight by consuming the frozen meals from Weight Watchers or other similar brands? Continues below  



Yes, you can. It is not recommended, but if you eat those meals two or three times a day, instead of your regular meals, you will lose weight. Those meals have two important characteristics: 

They use some low calorie foods, and most important, they allow you to have portion control. 

Most people will not have enough food with one of those meals to feel satisfied and they will feel hungry soon after. Most weight loss experts will not recommend that a person deprive her or him self because of the following reasons: 

You may experience a hunger attack. In those moments, we tend to crave for simple carbohydrate foods, such as anything with sugar. In one of these attacks, we will consume many more calories than in a regular meal. And most of the time those calories are empty; they are what we call junk foods. 

One more reason is that your metabolism may slow down and you will not loss weigh as fast. 

And last but not the least, if you lose weight, it should be a permanent change. If you do not improve the way you eat, you will put on the weight again. It will be very difficult to eat frozen food for the rest of your life. 

It will be better if you learn to eat healthy and eat this type of food if you have to as part of your regular eating habits.  If you eat these foods you may add a salad, have some healthy snacks and take multivitamins.  



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