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How to Apply Foundation 
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As Cindy Crawford said "Make up is more about skin than anything else." The foundation helps your skin look at its best and provides the perfect background for the rest of the make up.  



If you apply it well you can cover imperfections and make your positive attributes more visible.  Most make up artists  spend most of the time in selecting and applying the foundation to their customers.    


   How to apply a foundation

1- Start with a clean canvas. Clean and apply moisturizer to the skin preferably 10 to 15 minutes before applying foundation. If you are using (and you should) a sun block, you may apply it now. You can also use a foundation with sun block, but usually they are heavier and offer limited protection. 

2- Apply concealer around your eyes if you have dark circles.

3- Pour some foundation on you hand and dip the tip of the sponge or brush or your fingers. Proceed to apply it on the face. You may start from any point; the forehead is a good point if you do not have any other preference. Diffuse well and make sure everything is uniform and well covered.  Victoria Jackson advises to start on the jawline with smooth downward strokes.  

4- If you have really dark circles under the eyes, you may apply again a small amount of concealer. 

5- With a tissue paper you will seal your foundation so that it lasts longer. This will also eliminate foundation excess. Blot your face with a tissue by slightly pressing it to the skin.  You may also apply translucent powder.  This powder will set the foundation.   

Your foundation is ready. Now you may apply everything else, but if you are in a hurry a little of blush, lipstick and mascara will be enough.  

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