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Selecting a Foundation for you Skin Color 
Choosing the Right Color for Your Skin 2 part


What about color?
Ideally the foundation has to be of the exact tone as your skin; it has to match your skin color. This way it looks natural and it makes your skin look great, but you do not look artificial. 




To find this special color is no easy task. Usually it is very difficult to identify your exact color in the drugstore or discount store because of the bad lighting and not being able to open the bottles. Be diligent to identify a good color for you. Or if you do not find it, you can mix two or more colors to make your own.

Some big brands specializing in makeup do a better job with colors. Also they can test the colors on you to find a good tone. 

Some of the most complete make up lines are: Mac, Stila, Sephora store brand, Paula Dorf, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Vincent Longo among others.  

You can also browse at the counter of your favorite cosmetic line in the department stores.  

   Matte or dewy

Do you want to glow?

There are matte foundations that eliminate shine form the skin. They are ideal for oily types.

Dewy or iridescent 
They add some shine to the skin and they are very sheer. They are ideal for women with good skin who need light coverage. Not a good choice for oily skin. 

Types of foundation

Latina's mistakes when choosing foundations

How to apply foundation  



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