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Easy ways to workout without working out
Read some of the most common excuses not to workout
Hollywood celebrities and yoga
How to start a workout program
Butt Works
  All you need to get a great butt.
Emergency Bikini diet
Eva Longoria

Pregnant Yoga Hollywood Style 

Oprah's Boot camp.  Can the program that worked for Oprah work for you?  

Getting ready for the beach. If you start now with a few easy fitness tips, you can get beach ready.
How can I lose weight only on my abs?

We cannot lose weight in certain spots. Spot reduction is a myth.  Read more:  Flat tummy

You may not need a diet to lose Weight 
Diet myths that keep you from losing weight

Belly dance as a workout

Read more:  Belly dance as a work out

Introduction to online diets  Are these diets for you?
South Beach Diet online

The Zone Online 
The Perricone Diet online
Weight Watchers online

Get with the Program. Bob Greene’s program

Customized diets online

Advantages and disadvantages of online diets

7 Ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

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