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Fertility Wisdom review




The book fertility Wisdom has been written for Dr. Angela Wu, a well-known Chinese medicine doctor in San Francisco specialized in infertility. The book is written specifically for women who are facing challenges conceiving. 


In the book, Dr. Wu explains the same methods she uses in her clinic. According to her book, she has a 70% success rate (women having normal babies). This is impressive, particularly because she treats a lot of patients that have gone to all the treatments offered by western medicine without success. She treats women with high FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), premature ovarian failure, advanced maternal age (late thirties and up) and cases of recurrent miscarriages, unexplained infertility and other similar complications. In the 70% success rate, she includes people who got pregnant using both medical systems, western and Chinese or just Chinese.

Dr. Wu’s infertility treatment program consists of:

Mental preparation
Dr. Wu’s system requires you to think and talk to your partner (she has a questionnaire in the book to do that) to come to terms if you really want a baby and are ready for it. This exercise eliminates mental blockages. 

Visualization, practice of some qui gong meditations, and exercises are part of the program every day. It takes about 40 minutes to do the post-ovulation routine and one hour to do the pre-ovulation routine. The qui gong meditations, visualizations and affirmations are very helpful if you are stressed out, afraid, worried, depressed, or sad. The exercise routine is a little slow and boring and the book could use more pictures to explain the exercises. 

Infertility diet (or fertility diet)
Dr Wu has clear and rigid guidelines. She also lists what not to eat. While the list is mostly very healthy habits, some of the principles can be hard to follow. In her diet, for instance, milk, wheat, coffee, alcohol, sugar and sugar substitutes, as well as other concentrated sweet substances are out. Eating fruits is also limited. All foods have to be cooked. Eating raw foods is not encouraged. 

The book encourages that you go to a Chinese doctor to get herbs and acupuncture treatment. Dr Wu believes that in order to take proper herbs, the person needs a proper diagnosis.

Our comments on Fertility Wisdom
In general, the book has some good advice and it is very encouraging for infertility patients looking for additional treatments or for people who have not been successful with western medicine: IVF, IUI ect.. Dr Wu has a good reputation and a thriving practice. While her system is hard to follow as it is, it has worked for many women. 

However, Chinese medicine is not standardized as our western medicine is, and a local acupuncturist may tell you that you do not need the diet or not agree with other things in the book. Every condition in Chinese medicine requires a personalized diet. The diet is very rigid and it may put extra stress on a person. 

If you read this book we recommend you also read: The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, who is another Chinese medicine infertility specialist with equally impressive résumé and success rate. Another short but informative book is call the Hunyuan method; it is a very short book and more expensive than most other books but it helps to clarify some concepts and gives you a more balanced perspective. Another interesting book is by Julia Indichova - she is not an advocate of Chinese medicine, but suggest several techniques to treat infertility.

You may also read: The Infertility Cure

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